lunedì 16 agosto 2010

Black book.

E' un inglese scorretto e spontaneo che viene dalla penna di qualcuno che inglese non è, quindi degli errori di grammatica non ce ne frega niente e io lo trascrivo tale e quale e mi piovono anche un pò gli occhi.

"Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Bastian Krack. I´m 26 years old and i felt in love with a bird.
But listen it is not just a bird. It is a rondine Mulinella. Maybe she is a bird, which is a little bit difficult. She has good sides and bad sides. But in the hole univers is just one Mulinella. I accepted her as she is.

The bird showed me, my gridlocked life. There was nearly no movment in it. She also showed me all the facettes between black and white. Together we tasted the fruits of life. With her wings she took my hand and lead me to the bowl, where the jucies of life are.
She let me feel my body - my soul. Forgotten memories remainded.

I wishperd Mulinella things in her ears, which are just written down in a little black book. No creature knows about this side of Mr. Krack. So many things she showed to me and i tried the same to her.

I felt in love in the bird on the first day she flyed to me. She sang a lot of songs. Good songs - sad songs. I never asked her for reasons or made some cases against her.
So as she is i closed her into my heart.

"and now?" you will ask me? Oh sure the bird will fly away. Perhaps she will leave a broken heart. But you can´t catch a bird. It doesn´t work. A little spark of hope will be remain. Every day I will go to the window - open it - and then i will watch for her.

Perhaps she will come back one day. Perhaps I will find a place in a row of many people, which are every day watching for her on the window. I can´t say , why she sould come back to me and stay. Especially to me.

I just want that the little bird Mulinella knows, she will always has a open window at my house, will always has a nest. She can come when she want - stay how long she want.

Maybe somebody of you can tell it to her? It would be very kind of you.

Thanks a lot for your attention


Mr. Krack

P.S. I hope she will find for what she is looking for!
P.P.S. She took care that I forgot the world around me."

"Dear Sir or Madam,

it´s me again, Mr. Krack. I´m still in love with the bird. I will tell you a stroy.
Mulinella left Munich on August 14th. Me too, but in opposite dircetion. My head was totally lame. So when i arrived Munich today again August 15th. The same platform on which Mulinella took off.
I get off the train - no air to breath. It was like a film in my head. I saw the scenes of her disappearance. Nails in my head - in my heart. The hole city was full of the scenes of last two weeks.

I arrived my house. Everything was like we left it. Crumbs of the midnightbreakfast on the table in the kitchen, the teethbrush in the bathroom, the leather jacket on the chair, blood on the bed. Even everything. But the bird was gone.

In that moment I realized it - no chance to escape with a train - I fall down on the floor - cried.

Dear Sir or Madam,

you see I´m still in love in the bird Mulinella. There are a lot of feelings, which are flowing through my body. Sadness - happiness and all between.
A wolf told me back in time "Sometime you need a little pain in your life, that you discover, that you are still alive."

So I´m sitting her. Have a 3rd breakfast today - alone. Of course I feel a little bit sad - bad, but I know that there is this beautiful bird Mulinella outside. Somewhere, anywhere. And I would be happy, if I will know, that I have a little place in her heart.

Thank you again for your attention


Mr. Krack"

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